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Global Zero Waste Fashion Initiative launch research into design and consumption

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ISSF Zero Waste Fashion Initiative

The International Society For Sustainable Fashion's Global Zero Waste Fashion Initiative are undertaking exciting new research into design and wear to create better products and influence consumer attitudes. For partnership enquiries please contact us through the website or reply to this email.

The ISSF industry report 2018 states that between 2000-2014 'clothing production increased by 50 per cent, as fast fashion evolved and the luxury ascended.' The International Society For Sustainable Fashion commented  "the project will explore how the industry can connect sustainability and the creative process, focusing on quality and customer experience."

ISSF members and Global Zero Waste Fashion Initiative supporters will receive updates on the project, opportunities, ways to participate and information. To stay updated, join the Global Zero Waste Fashion Initiative:

Tell us what you think about this latest project by commenting below. Are you working to reduce waste? Join the initiative and get the campaign logo!

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  1. Grace Wong

    [ Sustainable Fashion ] - I used to work in the Denim industry, with toxic chemicals, harmful metal sand. Lately I came across with a conversation about goose down and duck down fluffiness, heard that the best down fill power & down is supposed to be plucked from live goose live duck and I was wondering if there are any technology that can develop man-made feather. Last week I was talking to a tailor about Old Suits Recycling and Old Garment Recycling through tailor and designer, I like this idea very much ~!

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  2. Cristian Corrias

    good idea and a wonderful initiative, congratulations !

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  3. International Society For Sustainable Fashion

    Thank you for all of your supportive messages and some interesting comments!

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  4. Andrea Polakova

    I was approached by a founder of The Fashion School to start teaching children how to sew while using sustainable fabrics and used materials. I believe this will enhance creativity among children as well as learning a craft that doesn't often appeal among wannabe fashion designers, but is crucial for understanding garment construction plus adds personal value to having made something personal as well as helps slowing down fast fashion consumption. I am very excited about my contribution towards this project.

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  5. Mohammad Motiur Rahman

    No, I am not working to reduce waste but I think it's a serious issue. We should work together and motivate others to reduce waste.

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  6. Morteza Kohansal

    Thanks a lot for your support

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  7. Katie Needham

    I work for an extremely fast fashion business and believe the create sustainability within fashion production and waste, people need TK be paying more for their clothes and the likes of Primark exposed with regards to the corners they cut to achieve such low prices. You really do get what you pay for!! There need to be a generational change in the attitudes people have towards clothing and get away from the mentality that we can just chuck it and buy something new to replace.

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