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Anti Black Friday Sustainable Fashion Event, London

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The International Society For Sustainable Fashion is a partner for the Fuck Fast Fashion anti black friday sustainable fashion event in London.

Fast fashion has a dirty secret and it has to STOP! Enough throwaway trends. Enough pollution. Enough exploitation.

Join us on 22nd November as we rise up and take our industry and our planet BACK and FUCK fast fashion!

Instead of rehashing the doom and gloom of the negative effects of the industry, the evening is a CELEBRATION of innovative and sustainable slow fashion pioneers, and the positive changes we can all make in our own lives to become a little more mindful.

Stop the cycle of buying cheap fast fashion that you need to replace, and instead invest in a quality piece from a brand actually making a difference. Don’t know where to find these ethical brands? We do. And we’re bringing them directly to you (no excuses now!).

On the evening, we will have two presentations from expert industry leaders speaking on the importance of sustainable fashion, innovation within the industry and easy ways we can all help the cause. Some of our ethical brands will then join the panel to share their stories and secrets of how they are helping to slow down fashion, one conscious customer at a time.

This will be a positive exciting forum for exploring the most on trend (pun intended) topic the moment, discover up&coming brands with sustainability at their core, and a fun evening to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals over free flowing drinks.

As fashion's "dirty secrets" are uncovered, this is not one to be missed!


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